About Us


1. We are a privately owned and operated expediting company dedicated to providing superb customer service and personal attention to your Passport and Visa expediting needs. For more than a decade, we've been a trusted partner of individuals and businesses and have handled thousands of travelers' vital documents with speed and care. Our small business can do things large businesses can't. Let us help get you there!
Prime Location
2. Washington DC has 176 resident embassies, not including other diplomatic missions. In other words, our city has the most embassies, consulates and chanceries in the entire country. When you choose a company to obtain your visa or passport, you want to send your documents to a company with a geographic location that ensures the quickest and most efficient processing possible. Just right outside of Washington DC and close to Embassy Row, On Time Visa Service is situated right in the heart of the nation's capital.
3. On Time Visa Services IS A NON-GOVERNMENTAL SERVICE THAT WORKS IN CONJUNCTION WITH U.S. PASSPORT AGENCIES AND FOREIGN CONSULATES THROUGHOUT THE USA. Headquartered in the District of Colombia and serving a global client base, On time Visa Service is a comprehensive and dedicated company in the visa and passport field. We are a premier expediter in DC that helps travelers when they have gotten themselves into a deadlock where they need a visa or passport fast and can't do it by themselves. We also help customers who prefer the security and confidentiality of a small hand carry company. Thank you so much for choosing our company and for placing your trust in us; we truly value your business.